👋 Hey there visitor,

you found yourself on the homepage of Szakállas Dávid, a programmer, hacker and nice guy from Budapest, Hungary, Europe. I am specializing in backend development and data engineering. I recently received an M.Sc. degree from BME, one of the region’s prominent technological universities, where I learned about fault-tolerant systems, distributed computing and databases. Currently I am working as a software engineer on data related things at Whitepages. By night I hack around MIDI gadgets 🎛 🎚 or play the guitar.


  • Deep knowledge of running and optimizing Spark workloads, knowledge of Spark internals
  • General knowledge of the Big Data landscape
  • Working knowledge of AWS S3, EMR, EC2
  • Experience working in a dockerized environment and deploying to Kubernetes
  • Good knowledge of Airflow


Technologies I prefer:

  • Languages: Scala, Python, Javascript, Rust, Go, SQL
  • Processing: Spark, Kafka, Node.js, Airflow
  • Databases: Redis, Elastic, Postgres
  • Infrastructure: Linux, Docker, Kubernetes

I have some knowledge of data analytics toolkits in R (data.table, ggplot, shiny) and Python (numpy, pandas).

Public speaking

Here are the talks I gave so far:

  • Spark Schema for Free
  • openCypher Meeting #4 Remarks | Whitepages (I only held an internal talk at Whitepages office as the Neo4j Budapest meetup group is inactive since February) | May 2018, Budapest | Slides
  • Writing a Cypher query engine in Clojure (feat. Gábor Szárnyas) - 3rd Budapest Clojure Meetup | Mar 2018, Budapest | Event Page | Slides
  • Scripting a MIDI controller with Javascript - Nodebp 2017 August | Aug 2017, Budapest | Event Page

Social media

@szdavid92 mostly tweets about tech, free software and privacy, seldom politics in EU and Hungary. I sometimes like, but don’t retweet memes.



I use to sign my mails, my PGP key is PGP pub key 0xBC214513. You can also send me PMs on Twitter.

Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 except where noted otherwise. Blogposts are mostly CC BY-NC 4.0, however if you find this too restrictive for your use case, feel free to contact me.