👋 Hey there visitor,

you found yourself on the homepage of Szakállas Dávid, a programmer, hacker and nice guy from Budapest, Hungary, Europe. I am specializing in backend development and data engineering. I recently received an M.Sc. degree from BME, one of the region’s prominent technological universities, where I learned about fault-tolerant systems, distributed computing and databases. Currently I am working as a software engineer on data related things at Whitepages. By night I hack around MIDI gadgets 🎛 🎚 or play the guitar.


Here are the technologies I am generally good at or prefer to use:

  • Programming languages: Scala, C/C++, JavaScript, Python, Rust
  • Platforms: Apache Spark, JVM, Node.js, OSS (No)SQL DBs
  • Infrastructure: Linux, Docker, Helm, Kubernetes, AWS
  • Editors: Vim, Emacs, IntelliJ

I don’t like these:

  • Programming languages: Java, Groovy, PHP (even though I don’t know it)
  • Platforms: EJB, in-house proprietary platforms
  • Infrastructure: proprietary DBs, Azure or Bluemix

I have some knowledge of data analytics toolkits in R (data.table, ggplot, shiny) and Python (numpy, pandas).

Public speaking

Here are the talks I gave so far:

  • Spark Schema for Free
  • openCypher Meeting #4 Remarks | Whitepages (I only held an internal talk at Whitepages office as the Neo4j Budapest meetup group is inactive since February) | May 2018, Budapest | Slides
  • Writing a Cypher query engine in Clojure (feat. Gábor Szárnyas) - 3rd Budapest Clojure Meetup | Mar 2018, Budapest | Event Page | Slides
  • Scripting a MIDI controller with Javascript - Nodebp 2017 August | Aug 2017, Budapest | Event Page

Social media

@szdavid92 mostly tweets about tech, free software and privacy, seldom politics in EU and Hungary. I sometimes like, but don’t retweet memes.


I am not an academic person.


Use email. I use to sign my mails, my PGP key is PGP pub key 0xBC214513. You can also send me PMs on Twitter.


If you have Docker, you can run this site on your machine. What a lovely way to pass time.

git clone git@github.com:dszakallas/profile.git
cd profile
docker-compose up

Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 except where noted otherwise. Blogposts are mostly CC BY-NC 4.0, however if you find this too restrictive for your use case, feel free to contact me.